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Signs of Employee Drug Abuse

One facet of implementing and maintaining a successful drug free workplace is the ability to recognize drug problems with employees by their behavior and work habits. These can include performance problems, poor attendance, attitude, physical appearance, health and safety hazards, and domestic problems.

Below is a list of warning signs of employee substance abuse:

Performance Problems
  • Difficulty following instructions
  • Inability to respond to increased supervision
  • Increase in mistakes
  • Inconsistent quality of work
  • Reduced productivity
  • Regular signs of fatigue

Poor Attendance and Absenteeism
  • Increase in unauthorized absences
  • Habitual tardiness
  • Excessive use of sick leave
  • Frequent requests for time off
  • Unexplained disappearance from job

Attitude and Physical Appearance
  • Argumentative, confrontational with co-workers
  • Increased supervision required
  • Sloppy work product
  • Avoiding supervisors and colleagues
  • Blood shot or watery eyes
  • Odor of alcohol or drugs

Health and Safety Hazards
  • Increased involvement in accidents
  • Indifference toward safety rules
  • Disregard for safety of others

Domestic Problems
  • Marital problems
  • Problems with children and their delinquent behavior
  • Frequent financial issues

Our drug free workplace implementation program will focus on these concerns by preparing an employee drug testing program and implementing the program. OnSite will provide your company with materials, Clinic collection and testing site, certified laboratory, and Medical Review Officer. Onsite offers your company a random drug testing program.

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Types of Testing


Testing that is part of the application process before an offer of employment is made. Testing that is part of the hiring process after an offer of employment is made, but before hiring actually occurs (a so-called “conditional offer of employment”). Testing that occurs sometime soon after the individual begins work, but passing the drug test is made a condition of employment (i.e., even though the individual is already working, his or her hiring will not become final unless the individual passes the required drug test).


The testing of employees who are chosen on a “neutral-selection” basis without advance notice. Random testing also includes the testing of all employees in a company (or a particular division of the company) when the date and time of the testing are unannounced and randomly selected.


The testing of an employee who is suspected/just cause, of Alcohol or Drugs based on his or her behavior that the employee may be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while on duty can make a test reasonable rather than unreasonable. In Louisiana, an private employer need not show reasonable cause to test an employee.

Periodic Announced:

The testing occurs when employees are given advance notice of the date and time that testing will take place. It is often conducted as part of a regularly scheduled employment physical or fitness-for-duty medical examination.


This testing of an employee who is involved in an on-the-job accident (vehicle or otherwise) which may have involved human error, and which causes a fatality, a serious injury, or significant property damage.


This testing occurs during an employee’s participation in a rehabilitation program and/or upon the employee’s return to work.


Testing of employees whose job responsibilities are safety-sensitive.